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We have a collection of 5 Intelligence quotes from Bob Graham

"We ought to recognize that we have an offensive responsibility to take the war to the terrorists where they are. That responsibility has waned in the last year as military and intelligence resources were withdrawn from Afghanistan and Pakistan to be used in Iraq." (ID 4026)

"I have had national security background, 10 years on the Intelligence Committee, the last two years as chair." (ID 4028)

"We need to make a greater investment in human intelligence." (ID 4029)

"This president has been reluctant to hold anybody accountable. No one was held accountable after September the 11th. Nobody's been held accountable after the clear flaws in intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq." (ID 4030)

"During the Cold War, we gathered information by listening to the Soviets, taking pictures of the Soviets, and we allowed our human intelligence to decline." (ID 4031)

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